Sunday, 13 March 2016


What is SSIS Designer?
                      It is a graphical tool for creating packages. It has 4 tabs: Control Flow, Data Flow, Event Handlers and Package Explorer.

Control flow TAB:-
                     Use the Control Flow tab of SSIS Designer to build the control flow in an Integration Services package. By using control flow tab you can define your required functionality flow. Microsoft provides wide range of tools to design control flow like containers, for each loop etc.

Data flow tab:-
                       Data flow is nothing but the flow of data from the corresponding sources to the referred destinations. In this process, the data transformations make changes to the data to make it ready for the data warehouse. Three types for tools provide by Microsoft for data flow design 1) data source 2) transformations tools 3) destinations tools

Event Handlers tab:-
                                An event handler runs in response to an event raised by the package or by a task or container in the package. For example I don’t want fail my package on error or failure of one or more task in ssis package instead of that write mail to support team to look an fix for achieving this I will go to event handler tab and configure mail sending to task on failure event of those data flow or control flow task. We will discuss event handler in future post with real time example for better understanding.

Package Explorer tab:-
                           Package Explorer tab is useful for SSIS Designer to see a hierarchical view of all of the elements in a package: configurations, connections, event handlers, executable objects such as tasks and containers, log providers, precedence constraints, and variables

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