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magic tables in sql server

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        In this article we will see magic table in details.

What is magic tables?

There are Inserted and Deleted logical tables in SQL Server.These tables are automatically created and managed
by SQL Server internally to hold recently inserted,deleted and updated values during DML operations
(Insert,Update,Delete) on a database table.

both inserted and deleted table called as magic tables.
Basically, logical tables are used by triggers.

A)Inserted logical Table::

The Inserted table holds the recently inserted or updated values means new data values.
Hence newly added and updated records are inserted into the Inserted table.

For example of Inserted logical Table .CLICK HERE

B)Deleted logical Table::

The Deleted table holds the recently deleted or updated values means old data values.
Hence old updated and deleted records are inserted into the Deleted table.

For example of Deleted logical Table . CLICK HERE

We could not create the logical tables or modify the data with in the logical tables.Except triggers,
When you use the OUTPUT clause in your query, logical tables are automatically created and managed
by SQL Server. OUTPUT clause also has access toInserted and Deleted logical tables just like triggers.

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