Friday, 14 June 2013

Update view with single table

      In privious article I have discussed about Basic of view . Now we will discuss about a how
to create a view on single table and how to update data or records in table by using view.

create table emp_master (emp_id int identity(1,1) ,emp_name varchar(100),emp_sal varchar(100) ,dept_id int)

Insert records in table::

insert into emp_master (emp_name,emp_sal,dept_id ) values('sandipG','1000',1)
insert into emp_master (emp_name,emp_sal,dept_id ) values('ajit','45321' ,1)
insert into emp_master (emp_name,emp_sal,dept_id ) values('pranav','5000',2)
insert into emp_master (emp_name,emp_sal,dept_id ) values('aditya','10000',3)

1)Create view on single table with select all columns in table .

Create view [dbo].View_on_single_table_1
select * from emp_master

Test Case 1::

update View_on_single_table_1 set emp_name ='sachin',emp_sal='2123',dept_id=5 where emp_name='sandipG'
select * from emp_master

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